Monday, November 01, 2010

Magic Pumpkins Strike Again

Last year we started the "magic pumpkin" tradition. Isabelle flipped over it last year and this year didn't disappoint either. I bought two big ole' pumpkins and hit them till a convieniently sunny day the week before trick or treating. I took two cardamon seeds and let Isabelle "plant" them. She took a nap and got up to discover there were two full grown pumpkins waiting for her! WOW! Grace was excited too! I forgot to put the pumpkins out during nap time, but luckily remembered before she did...and I barely remembered to take the grocery store stickers off of them...ooops.

I figure we have another year...maybe two before Isabelle catches on and starts getting things like this. So we'll enjoy the magic while we can!


Anonymous said...

that is so cute i am sure they loved it did that outfit fit grace ok?did isabell like hers? love and miss you guys gram

Tara said...

You have a few years left! It is easier to keep the "magic" when there is a younger sibling running around the house. Carlie does ask tons of questions about everything, but she still believes in the magic and she is 7.5!