Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bento Thursday

As I’ve mentioned before, my kids eat the same things over and over again. I’ve tried to vary their diets, but it just doesn’t work. At this stage in the game, they just aren’t going with it. I was always down on parents who I saw do this in the past. (Consider this an official apology, if I was down on YOU!) Because now I get it. You really do have to pick your battles as a parent and eventually something’s gotta give, and this is one we have chosen to let go. So what if carrots, corn, and occasionally celery and cucumbers are the sole vegetables my kids will eat! I’m hoping they will survive!

BUT, I digress. I’ve discovered that I can present the SAME turkey sandwich in many different ways! AND, I’ve also discovered that Isabelle (who is four years old) will eat a lot more if she helps me bento her lunch. What do you think?

In the top bento are blackberries and carrots. In the small container is some veggie dip. In the bottom you have a turkey sandwich, with cheese beard,fruit lether hat, and chocolate chip eyes. The scraps from the sandwich and fruit roll up are also in there. win some you lose some. This was supposed to be rudolph, but it looks more like a skull and cross bones. Oh well, the kids helped me make this one and LOVED it. Apples and a cookie are in the bottom box.
Also, my kids will eat more of the food at home if I make it fun…so occasionally I’ve started “bento-ing” their dinners or breakfasts.
Blueberry heart Pancake Blueberry Gingerbread man Pancake
Sloppy Joe Snowman with cucumber "snowflakes", chocolate chip eyes, carrot nose and arms, and craisin buttons


Natalie said...

OMG!!! SO cute!

Shanygne said...

fab.u.lous! way to go! I say, if they're eating anything healthy, go with it! introduce things often, and then it's not a surprise... but they shouldn't HAVE to finish it - just taste it. and this is best done when you are there, not lunchtime when you're not.

way to go, Danielle!

Oma said...

I just want to make sure everyone knows that you get ALL your creativity from your Mom, right? LOL