Friday, December 03, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Our schedules have been a bit hectic, as I'm sure most of yours are around Christmas. We put up our tree...which the kids were SO excited about they could hardly contain themselves while we assembled the tree...yes we have a fake tree. You can keep your beautiful real pines with needles all over the place and big price tags. And since I've become (a little) Green, I find it a little sad to see all of those lovely (yet dead!)trees out by the curb the first week in January. I know I know, call me a tree hugger. I can't think of a more appropriate title at a more appropriate time, actually!

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed our Thanksgiving and our visit with family, although I didn't get many pictures on that day. But let me get to my favorite thing for today, before I get off on another trail...well, maybe one more trail...

About a year ago, I stopped by an Orchard in Yellowsprings. I bought a gallon of cider. I just happened to be really thirsty, so when I got into the car, I opened it up and tasted it. THE BEST cider I have ever tasted. I looked at the label only to see a "WARNING: UNPASTURIZED" label on it. Really, it was like I was drinking liquid apples. Almost like I could taste what KIND of apple they made the cider from. I immediately went in to buy a couple more gallons.

I haven't been able to make it back to that farm but I have been on the hunt for someplace that would let me buy unpasturized cider from them. My mom got wind of thier local orchard that would sell it to you, if you sign a release form..I know, weird, right? So she ordered it and I picked it up. It was lovely! And Yes, I gave it to my me an unfit mother if you want, but yum. I couldn't have them miss out on this little Fall Treat. So the moral of my story? If you get a chance: Try it! You won't regret it!


Anonymous said...

daniell when your dad and mom were young there was no such thing as pasturized cider we all drank gallons until our favorit place (haast)went out of buisness,we are all ok,love you guys granny

Oma said...

I'll try to get some more for Christmas. The jugs are cool. I can't wait to see you Wednesday for the girls Christmas program.