Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Wreath

We have been trying (unsuccessfully) to sell our house. During this process you start to look to greener pastures, and start emotionally disconnecting from your current home. At least, I do! So this has definately put the brakes on home improvement projects. Needless to say, we HAVE NOT sold our home and the last feedback we got from our last showing said our home was "Dirty, outdated, and overpriced." Keep in mind, we are $20k cheaper than I bought the house for 8 years ago, and the cheapest in the neighborhood, minus the forclosures. I have two small children, so maybe I'll give you dirty....

That pretty much did me in. I'm finished with selling for the time being, at least emotionally! So, in my mind, I'm invested and it's time to begin a few changes and improvements. One big one is Grace's room. We recently took down the crib-turned toddler bed, that was sharing space with a full sized bed and just made the jump to full size bed. We reorganized some things and moved some toys into her room. It looks sooo cute. Pictures are a coming.

I also wanted to redo her bedroom wall with her name and decorate with some empty frames. Can you get a vision for this project? Maybe not until you see it. I bought a bunch of butt ugly frames at Goodwill and removed the glass or butt ugly pictures from the inside and pained them heirloom white. I also made a wreath to go in the center of the one of the frames. Since I'm waiting for a few more elements, the current frame/wreath is on our front door. It looks awesome!

If you wanted to do something similiar, I thought I'd do a quick tutorial. You'll need:
half of a yard of satin or polyster satin-ish material.
A package of brads of your choice
A green foam wreath
Old picture frame
Paint of choice
an open flame

I choose a green material, because that's what we are doing in G's room. I then cut out two different sizes of circles using measuring cups on the material. Isabelle even helped me cut with her saftey scissors.

This is the part that takes it to wow...I run the edges of each circle through a candle flame. This seals the edge and makes the edges curl in a flower type fashion.

I then doubled up the circles and put a star brad through the center and stuck the brad straight into the flower foam wreath. Repeat about fifty times for this small wreath.

I used ribbon to suspend it from the empty frame. It looks so cool and will look even better on Grace's bedroom wall!


mirrorman said...

Sooooo cool! You rock once again. Man, selling your house is such a pain... how does anyone expect perfectin like that when someone is living there? No one seems to be able to see just the house... use your brains, people!!

mirrorman said...

Oops! That's obviously me, not Kevin!

Oma said...

Nellie, obviously the right person hasn't seen the house - you just have to trust God to bring the right person and at the right time.
That picture of Gracie is adorable. And the wreath is definitely gorgeous! Love you all.

drowninginblessing said...

I think the wreath looks just right around Gracie's adorable face. Once again, your blog transports me to another universe from our lives here