Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bento Thursday

This week one day the girls had leftover homeade chicken nuggets and shell pasta. Along with fruit and a cheesestick and two hersey kisses. not too exciting, but popular!

This day was fun! There are two hot dog octopus and an crab hotdog with cheese eyes colored with food marker. Along with pretzels and a star chocolate chip cookie. In the top bento box is a little clementine lady with a bow pick and nori paper face. And an apple toadstool.

I was making a ton of cookies for a student outreach at church and decided to try some cookie cutters when baking the cookies. They turned out great and I was wondering why I'd never heard of doing this before!?


drowninginblessing said...

Never heard of... baking the cookies with the cookie cutter around them (rather than making shapes before?) yes, great idea for choco chips! BTW thanks for the bento explanation last week. :)

Aunt Brenda said...

I always seem to get hungry when I read your blog; wonder why? Hope the girls have recovered from their time with us. They were so much fun.
Can't wait to see you at Easter.