Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Room Updates

I have been wanting to do make this great faux rosewood wreath for so long and I've been wanting to so something new in our living room, particularly in the fireplace. So I finally figured out what to do. I bought a green foam wreath and also some old paperback books at the thrift store and a ton of hot glue.

Let me say, that I am happy with the way this project turned out..but oh my goodness...it was TEDIOUS. I spent eight nights cutting and gluing paper out of these books onto this wreath and honestly, I'm still not done, the middle and sides need more! Ugg. I hung it from an old mirror that we had. Please note the mirror isn't really a mirror but some kind of wierd plastic mirror...so it's pretty scratched up and...well...wierd. But I'm cheap and didn't see the need to buy another mirror. We're(and by "we" I mean Conrad) not quite finished with it, the fireplace needs it's post winter coat of paint. But all in all, I'm quite pleased with phase one.


Oma said...

That is very sharp! But I would spring for the new mirror!!! LOL Love it, Honey. I don't know where you get the time. I STILL haven't picked up from when the girls were there two weeks ago!!! I'm not kidding. Miss you all and hope to see you at Easter.

Anonymous said...

danielle,that is so eloquent looking it's beautiful,i am still not sure about easter ,but i think it's wonderful that you guys want to take on that big task i am sure it will be a good time you guys are great host's,i will let you know some time over the wk. end. love you all gram