Monday, May 09, 2011

Rewind: Palm Sunday & Easter

Life has been busy lately. There hasn't been much time for blogging. But I have some great pictures to share! So I thought I'd jump back a few weeks and share about Palm Sunday and Easter. Palm Sunday at church we had an Easter Egg Hunt with 50,000 Easter Eggs. They open the football field for it. It was massive!!

On Easter, we had my whole family here for Easter. It was nice to see everyone and to host lunch at our house! Even though we live about two hours from most of my familly, they were nice enough to make the trip after church to visit us! The girls had a blast and we celebrated my mom's birthday a bit late with some of her favorite Key Lime Coconut Cupcakes with White Chocolate Key Lime frosting. Yum.


Anonymous said...

those pictures are adorable

Oma said...

Love my little girls in their Easter frocks! We had fun hiding eggs.

Shanygne said...

I'd want to make the trek to your house, too! You ARE the hostess with the mostess!!