Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer To Do List

I am trying to be a little pro active in the fun department with my kids. Especially because Isabelle will be starting school in the fall and this may be our last official un-school-able time! Wow!

I have a list started with fun and exciting activities. I'm not really all that fun and exciting. Most of time I'm tired and cranky (ask my second thought DON'T ask him!). I hate to make excuses, but after Grace was born, I seemed to develop some signficant thyroid issues that seriously affected my energy level. And they've never been able to regulate this. Besides trying to get some medical help, I am also really praying for a solution. Mommy being tired and irritated all of the time takes a serious toll on the family!

So without further whining, here is our list:

go to the pool
do a sprinkler drive thru bike wash
camp out
go to lake erie beach
go fishing
go to outdoor movie
watch fireworks
go to safari in fremont
make sandcastle
go to grove city waterpark
go to farmers market
sprinklers at easton mall
go to a parade
start dance classes
make ice cream
pick strawberries
go to a drive in movie
go on a nature walk/park activity
go to a hilliard park activity
paint with pudding
have a marshmellow roast outside
do library reading club
Go on a family picnic
Go to Cosi
Go to Zoo
Catch fireflies to use as nightlights
go to Asian Fest
Go to Latin Fest
Go to Arts in the Alley
Star gazing
Go on vacation with all our family and new baby boy cousin to Tennessee

Feel free to make more suggestions to add to our list!


Anonymous said...

sounds like the michael family is in for a great summer of fun, i miss those beautiful little girls so much,hope to see you guys soon love and prayers granny

Anonymous said...

here is a novel idea, let them come stay at granny's house for a wk, then later on let them come stay another wk.and of coarse their opa and oma will be here ,that will be the icing on the cake for them,

The Polo Club said...

You can add "have cousin Abby come a visit" to the list.

Shanygne said...

looks like you don't need any additional activities!! But you did inspire me to create a list for our family!

BUT, fi you DID need another trip, I hear South Dakota is a great jewel that most people don't know about... and there's this really great family living there that would love to see you!