Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Treats

My OTHER splurge for Isabelle's birthday was a box of Push Up Pop Containers. If you spend much time on Pintrest or Mama Blog World, you have seen these awesome things. Do you remember eating Ice Cream Push Up Pops as a kid? Well, you can purchase the plastic containers themselves. If you purchase a small patch they can run upwards of $1 each...but if you purchase a bunch, like say 100, it's much cheaper. Yes, I did. With the intention of these making many return appearances and selling them myself on Etsy in small batches, perhaps to make my money back ??

Anyway, while I was baking cake and icing for Isabelle's birthday, I went ahead and made batches of mini cupcakes and threw them in the freezer. I took my leftover frosting (which was just enough) and colored it purple. I then put one yellow cupcake in the bottom of the push up pop, using a large french star tip, I put a dollop of frosting, added the chocolate mini cupcake on top, and then another dollop of frosting. I then added purple sprinkles and the push up pop lid. They were surpringly sturdy and got lots of ohhs and ahhs from the kids and teachers and Isabelle's preschool! I love something a little different...and pretty is always good!

By the way, let me know if you want to buy some from me, I'll give you a good deal! :)

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drowninginblessing said...

Hah. So let me say, I was really proud of myself for using teddy grahams for Sam's bear party in the woods. It's a start. I love the idea of those push ups... I see spinach fruit pops lining the freezer...