Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Look Back @ July

I have been so busy this summer with vacations, visitors, and checking those "fun things" off of our To Do List that I am WAY behind on the blog! I'm trying tho!

The weekend before we left on vacation, our beautiful niece Abby came to visit. Since Abby just got a new baby brother, we thought we'd take advantage of an exhausted new mommy and daddy and steal Abby away for some cousin fun. That weekend we had a home group cookout at our house. We had a surprise firework display that night too, which made the night all that much more fun! If I haven't mentioned it before, we LOVE our home group. They were such an answer to prayer for our family and some much needed fellowship in our lives.

We spent the next day at COSI building things and exploring. I think it is funny the differences in our girls. Grace jumped into the Water Table play area, dripping water, down her borrowed rain jacket and soaking her shorts..and never slowed down. Obviously, from her delayed potty training, one can tell, wet pants don't bother Grace at all! Abby, on the other hand, got her hands wet, and water splattered, ever so slightly on her little dress, and she was not a happy camper at all. She was finished at the water table! We loved having Abby there, but she was happy to go home to her Mama and Baby Jack, of course.

And we were happy because my dad met us at the same time and picked up our kids for a couple of days too. I always miss them, but my "introvert" savers those rare quite days when I can read, sleep and catch up on chores. Did you know my favorite job in high school was cleaning hotel rooms? It all makes sense now, doesn't it? I love to be alone, I love to clean. Except for the creepy things you run into in that business, it was pretty great!


Anonymous said...

Danielle,the pictures you posted of the girls are so precious! I'm glad to hear you have had such a fun filled summer. I hope the rest of it is the same. Once again thanks for the update. Vicky

Aunt Brenda said...

Love the pictures of everybody. Thanks for the update and we will see you on Saturday for the big birthday party. Love you all.

Michelle said...

The pictures are great! How's the list coming? Have you got everything checked off the list yet?