Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Visit From Attah

I have been really behind on blogging, I know. But life has kicked into high gear at the Michael household! Conrad recently receieved an email from his cousin asking why am Danielle Bhabi was so delinquent in blogging. With that little push from Susannah, I decided I needed to carve out some space to update you a bit.

The most exciting happenings at our house was a visit from Conrad's Mom and Brother, Alfred, who came all the way to the states from India and Dubai to see us! They were visiting for a month and actually just left on Monday. It's always a sad day when they leave. Having Conrad's family so far away, you never know when you will see everyone again.

We tried to make the most of thier visit and did a LOT of sight seeing. One of our trips where we all went was Washington DC. Oy Vey! Tragically, our small children, don't yet enjoy the rich history represented in our great capital, and the weekend entailed much crying, complaining, sweating, whining, and begging to go back to the hotel and swim. After a couple of hours of sight seeing, I graciously complied and the kids and I went back!

Mostly, we have just spent time with the fam and let the girls get to know thier grandmother again. It has been several years in between visits and being so small, they forget in between times!


Aunt Brenda said...

Conrad's mother looks really good. I hope everyone had a nice visit. And I hope that you are getting some rest; I know it has been so hectic for you for the last couple of months. Hope to see all of you soon.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

conrad's mom is so pretty wish i could have seen them, glad the girls got to know them a little better talk to you guys later love gram