Thursday, September 29, 2011


On my Summer To Do List was to take the kids to our local Children’s Theatre. Of course, the performance didn’t “technically” fall into the summer season, but I’ll go ahead and check it off the list anyway, because that’s what I like to do! My sister, Jona, and neice, Abby, along with my mom came down to go with us. We bought tickets the day the box office opened and it was a good thing because they were completely sold out, early on!

After a little research we figured out that Pinkalicous, the Musical, was coming to the Children’s Theatre. If you haven’t read the Pinkalicious books and you have little girls, you should get yourself a copy. It’s all about a little girl who LOVES Pink. The musical was highly entertaining, and I have to say, perfect for our age group. It was one hour long and held our 2,3, and 5 year old’s attention COMPLETELY for that hour. They barely moved…spell bound by the dancing cupcakes and pink haired character!

It was so cute to see an audience full of little girls wearing pink. Not to mention, my mom had bought the girls all Pinkalicious books (which we actually had never read) and they went on stage after the show to have all of the characters sign their books.

We ended our fun outing with pink cookies at the North Market for the girls. They had a blast…and so did we!

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