Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Picture for the Famiy in India

When my good ole' southern grandfather met my husband for the first time, there was one question he couldn't wait to ask. How much to love my grandaughter? Nope. Do you intend to be a good provider for future great- grandchildren? Nope. The question burdening his mind was, "So, what do they hunt in India?" Conrad looked at him with kind of a confused look and finally answered, "Uhhhh nothing. There are too many people in India to hunt anything." I laughed later on and told him, "You should have just said, 'Tiger. In India we hunt tigers.'"

This Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law who is a champion shooter, brought a few of his favorite handguns over and a few family members went outside for some target shooting. Conrad was one of them...and I HAD to take pictures to show his mom back in India how well her son shoots. And he did pretty well!

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drowninginblessing said...

love it! I think you'll need to explain the concept of ear muffs to the Indian family too (would come in handy for those train rides in India!)