Monday, December 19, 2011

A Pintrest Christmas, Part 1

I have been loving Pintrest. Have you been there? It is VERY addictive. I'm happy to say I'm not only finding cool things on there, but actually taking some time to do many of the things I have found. Let me highlight one or two today. Teacher gifts are always a trying task. What kind of gift do you get a teacher? I remember going to my friend Emily's house one year and seeing the BOX of stuff she brought home from her students. All of it she was thankful for, but I remember thinking, "How many apple knick knacks and scented candles can one person use?" So, we get target gift cards for our teachers, but so that I have something to put it in, I got these cute reusable travel mugs and made a Resuable Coffee Cozy to go with it. Although my first attempt didn't turn out half as cute as the one on the link...still, kinda cute. Hope they like it!

I also love to make wreaths. I often re-purpose old wreaths into new with stuff I have laying around the house. But I found this great wreath and pinned it! I bought one spool(is that how you say it?) of yarn and a about four sheets of inexpensive felt and wah-la...Christmas wreath!


Aunt Brenda said...

Oh, if only I were so crafty or could find the time to do some of the things you do !!!! I love all that you have done; great job. See you this weekend. Love

Anonymous said...

i never tire of looking at these pictures,they are allso beautiful,i am so blessed.