Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A New Additon

Before anyone gets excited, when I say New Addition, I mean that literally. We are remodeling our garage attic to have a completed space in our house. I know, I apologize if my title was bit misleading! But it got your here, didn't it?

We have a lovely, albeit small, space above our garage with a full staircase. We have gone back and forth about whether or not to finish this space. In the end, we decided to turn our attic into a "mother-in-law suite". We have a family friend who does great work and has a good eye for finishing detail and he has worked his tail off on our new attic efficiency. It was also fun choosing all of the elements that go with it.

I am really into gray currently and want to paint all of my house in shades of grey. But for now, I will settle for my attic space. We bought a few items to complement the space and even put in a nice sized full bathroom. I also spent a weekend brown paper bagging the staircase using this tutorial and I must say, it turned out rather nice!

This was my inspiration:

This was the "before" picture

Just a regular ole garage from the outside

But now....ta da!


Anonymous said...

it looks amazing!!!! i miss my girls, love you all granny

Aunt Brenda said...

I agree with Grandma Margie; it looks fantastic. Does it make you want to keep it for yourself as a home away from home? Just imagine the luxury of quiet time? Of course, the girls know how to get there.