Thursday, August 30, 2012


When Isabelle got into her new school, we had to make a quick last minute vacation plan. We didn't want to go far or spend too much, so we traveled north to Lake Erie. Since I grew up on the lake, I always enjoy going back and vacationing there is nostalgic for me.  My mom had a friend with a beautiful house in Lakeside, OH, where we stayed. My sister and her kids came for a day and my parents came at night to visit and hang out.  We went to East Harbor beach, where the kids had a great time! The water level was super low and it created about half a mile of shallow water, which was perfect for our young kids. We spent all day swimming, digging for shells, making sand castles, and hanging out with cousins. 

The next day we went to Soak City at Cedar Point. The kids had a blast swimming and riding the water rides. Grace is my cautious child, so we had to drag her kicking and screaming into the Lazy River, but she LOVED it after her first go around. And Isabelle was gungho about any ride they would let her go on. I took her on the two big waterslides that she was tall enough to ride and she was wild about them. Her favorite was a tall, fast slide, you lay on a mat and go down face first. The H20 Dragster, I think. I was worried she would freak out, but she was all like, "Let's go again!" They had a blast!

 As an extra bonus, there was a litter of fox born in the neighborhood where we stayed for the week.  And they were running around like cats all weekend long. We saw them all the time. In my limited experience, I have only seen fox a couple of times, they are leary of people. But these fox would come within 10 feet of us. It was so cool to see!

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