Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Michael Lake House, The Kid's Bedroom - Part 4

This bedroom is what we decided to make into the "kids bedroom" I have three beautiful children and my sister has two.  They can't all fit in this room, but all of the girls can or they can all cram into it if they are in the mood (and they are all still pretty small!)  This room had wonderful "bones"  The wood beam ceiling and hard wood floors both extended into this room and two of the four walls were wood plank.  These were a nightmare to paint, but we were very happy with the finished product.  There were also holes and gaps in the floors and wall everywhere. Our contractor built new trim and filled up the missing floor planks with pieces from the floor in inconspicious spots.  We lighted up the walls to balance out the dark wood everywhere and got a great single over a full pottery barn bunkbed on craigslist (for $50!) A little paint and it was like new!

I wanted the room to feel bright and fun, but to also be tasteful.  I started by stenciled starfish all over one of the gray walls in white. The two bead board walls stayed all white.  
Here is the finished product! The kids adore it and I am pretty happy with it too!
Here is the side by side before and after. Some improvement, right??

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