Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Isabelle is on her way!

I went to the doctor this morning and my OB had mercy on me. I was still 2 cm dialated and about 80% effaced. But I mentioned just being hot and tired and she said, we'll let's schedule you for an induction one day next week. I said, "Well, Friday is my birthday, and one day after my due date. How bout then?" She said, "I was thinking Monday or Tuesday" I wasn't going to argue with that and told her I was fully on board. So, unless I go into labor sooner, we will be having a baby on Tuesday! Yeah! So I am going to make Friday my last day of work. I am all tuckered out, so hopefully we'll get to rest and relax a bit this weekend before the big event next week.

Keep us in your prayers!

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Beth said...

That's exciting! I keep checking your site to see if you beat me to the delivery room. :)