Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do You Read Our Blog?

I have heard that many people read our blog on a regular basis. Isabelle got a great package from my Aunt Becky in California with a teeny tiny pink shirt that says, "My first San Diego T-shirt"...and she told me that she loves reading our blog. Who knew!? So if you are one of the ones that read our blog regularly, drop us a note on the the site to let US know how YOU are doing!?

On another note, we went to my cousin Joe's housewarming this weekend. My other grandfather, Clynis got to hold Isabelle for the first time. And she got to meet many other new family members for the first time from the Stallard side...Great Uncle and Aunt Steve and Kathy...cousin Joe. Isabelle also got to meet "her" dog Aslan for the first time.


Jona said...

You know I read your blog (and relay all important info to Eric:)) I also comment often so you know I am on here. But just in case you forgot, I read your blog all the time. (almost daily).

jaydensjourney said...

We read it all the time! Isabelle is growing like a weed and is so beautiful! I've even pointed Abuela and Abuelo your blog direction. It's the blogging technology stumper that keeps Abuela from posting.
Can't wait to meet Isabelle
Eli and Jayden

Anonymous said...

Nellie, the picture of Isabelle in her carseat is so beautiful. I hadn't seen that one. I'm sitting here reading the blog - just makes me miss her more. Give her a big kiss from Oma and tell her I love her.

Ron and Vickie left yesterday about noonish to head back to Chicago. We had a nice cookout with lots of food - in the ongoing Stallard-Payne tradition. Mick and Bev stopped by on their way back from Chicago and it was good to see them. Pap brought a friend to the cook out - that was a first for our family and that went well. Laverne has been a family friend for a lot of years. She brought food and we sat and talked and everyone was real comfortable around her. I think she's good company for my dad.Just wanted to check in and keep you updated. Love, Mom

Shanygne said...

Me, too, me, too!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Danielle. I was sure wondering about this new baby's arrival. Can't wait to meet her in person.