Sunday, September 03, 2006

Visit from Abi Da

Conrad's brother, Hubert came from NJ to visit Isabelle for the first time. In Conrad's family each of the brothers have a nickname. Huberts is Abi (which is apparently a short form of Hubert). Conrad's is Mamu (which means the littlest guy, since he's the youngest of four brothers. Ironically he's about six inches taller than all of his brothers) For "Uncle" they tack on the word "Da." So Isabelle will call Uncle Hubert Abi Da. He loves her and Conrad loved introducing his brother to her. He is the first Micheal to meet Isabelle. Of course, Conrad's mom is dying to meet the fourth Michael grandchild. She called the other day to see how the baby was doing and told Conrad that she was dreaming about holding her.

I think it's so important for Conrad's side of the family to see Isabelle while she is small. Although Conrad can't go yet with work etc., Isabelle and I are planning a trip to India while I am still on maternity leave. It will be so good to meet the family members that I haven't yet met and, of course, to introduce our sweet Isabelle. I understand it's customary to throw a big party when a baby is born. When our neice Alana was born they had 250 people over for a big catered party to that's a birthday party!


Anonymous said...

We're back in the village and I was happy to get my "Micheal's Blog Fix". Abi Da... your little Isabelle is going to have a head start on how many languages? So glad you got the soundbite for her dedication. We'll be rejoicing with you (like we were this last week!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nellie, Conrad and Isabelle - I've been checking your blog - and no updates. Isabelle must be keeping you busy. How's it going with BabyWise? Is she sleeping any better? I can't believe she weighs in at 6 pounds 4 ounces. Did she grow any in length? Well, just wanted you to know I'm checking the blog for updates and more pictures. Love, Oma