Monday, September 18, 2006

Six Weeks on Tuesday

We can't believe that we've had our little girl for six weeks. She truly has changed our lives. Everyone says "Your life will change." Like it's a big revelation or something... But who says you want your life to stay the same? If I did, I guess I wouldn't have gotten married, or had a child. Change is good.

Isabelle is growing like a weed and doing well. For all of you interested (because it did provoke quite the controversy in the past blog..the whole family bed idea), Isabelle is sleeping soundly in her cradle. What I really want is a flexible child. I'm not really concerned in having a "routined" child since we don't really want a "routine" life. So we are trying to teach her to fall asleep where ever we lay her. And so far, she does great at the couch, the cradle, the floor, the Pack N Play...but not the crib yet. Still working on that! But Momma is sleeping better without Isabelle in bed!

Anyway, last weekend we went to my parents for another baby dedication. When you are a PK, or a grand PK, you get two of things like this! It was very good and we believe Isabelle will be blessed from the blessing of her grandfather!

I'd better go, I have to watch Anthony Bourde eat durian on's like a train wreck...I can't tear my eyes away. Rachel and Mark...are you indulging in this treat?


jona said...

I agree there has been a lot of controversy about the co-sleeping. I know I have no kids and I just got married, but one of the things that has not been mentioned, when it comes to co-sleeping, is what it does (even temporarily) to your relationship with your husband. Even though you are parents, you are still husband and wife and there still has to be emphasis placed on your relationship and if there are difficulties arrising becuase of a lack of time with your husband, that has to be taken into consideration as well. I have heard many stories of new parents who forget to be husband and wife and place so much emphasis on the baby that there is a decline in the marriage relationship, which of course should not happen, and many of these begin with the co-sleeping habits because you lose the intimate time with your spouse. I know I have no child rearing experience, but being a teacher, I have taken many classes dealing with this sort of thing and many times this has been a class discussion many times.

Shanygne said...

Isabelle is blessed just to have you for a mom!!

Beth said...

I noticed your comment on Eli's site—you can get Baby Tad at any Walmart, Target, etc. They are not in the baby section, but in the toy section. There is usually a whole area for the Leap Frog learning stuff. Baby Tad comes in both the girl version and boy version. The down side is that they are not machine washable. I'm thinking of getting another one because our has been very well used. I highly recommend this toy. One of the best we've ever had.

Anonymous said...

No Durien indulginces yet, although it's in season and Mark is hankering for a feast... I guess we haven't had it yet cause I've been doing the grocery shopping. Glad to get a full feasting of Danielle's blogs... after being off line for over 10 days! We leave for Malaysia tommorow... glad for Mark to get a chance to get some rest (flu and fever these days) while bittersweetingly saying goodbye to many good friends and memories here. More later. RM