Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Strong Willed Child?

We are wondering if we will have the strong willed child? Only six weeks and we have seen some hilarious display of will. We have even had discussions about whether or not babies display willfullness so early. But if this little girl doesn't want to be moved and you move her, she grunts loudly until you leave her alone. My husband asked where she got that from...I'll never tell, and don't ask my mother.


Tara said...

Hi Danielle!
Boy...can I comment on a strong willed child and she surely did not get it from my quiet, laid back husband! Carlie has been strong willed for as long as I can remember and it only increases as she gets older and gains an increased vocabulary and other fun ways to express herself.
I really don't have any advice as, I admit, I struggle with my strong willed daughter and the ability to remain stronger than her on a daily basis. We have tried reasoning, but she is so smart, she reasons back. Punishment for her defiance is a whole nother topic and is difficult to find the right match for her. Some things don't affect her, while others only work part of the time!
All I can say is Good Luck with your strong willed daughter and there are worse things that could happen than these two little girls being like their strong willed moms!!
Take Care -

Shanygne said...

I know! I know! Pick me! Pick me!

It's too early to tell, according to the "experts"...but i think that parents know best...

Strong-willed children turn into great leaders!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that one of the BIG reasons it is sooooo much fun having grandchildren--is being able to smile that little smile, sit back and say to yourself; YES, there is a God!


michelle franzen said...

My first is a strong-willed one too but a darling. It takes time and patience (the latter is a tough one for me) but so worth it. SW is great when steered in the right direction! We won't mention where SKyler gets it from. :-)

By the way, I am a BabyWise, Ezzo fan but I did learn (after Sky) that flexiblity is key!

You sound like you are doing great...go with what works for you and what the HS shows you....leave us all to our own 2-cents. :-)