Friday, October 27, 2006

Our Last Days Together

Today is my last day of maternity leave. Monday I start back to work. On some level's I feel like I'm ready to jump back into it, but I am absolutely dreading leaving Isabelle at daycare on monday. Yesterday we went and visited daycare and the moment we walked in, four or five toddlers gathered around her saying, "ooooohhhhh baby." and touching her. Her eyes were wide open and she was smiling in wonder of all these new little people. That made me feel somewhat better about Monday.

Our daycare is at our old church, Grace. I was even on the daycare board when we were at Grace. I know the staff pretty well and I am especially excited that Miss Sally (my friend and ex-pastor's mom) substitute teaches in the infant room. She loves Isabelle and will give her some extra love, I'm sure :)


jaydensjourney said...

I'll be praying for you. Monday will be much harder on Mommy than on Isabelle. I was shocked by how easily Jayden adjusted...he just slept really well the first two weeks.

Shanygne said...

I am so glad I have never had to do that, but i have been the receiver of several children the first day that mom had to go back to work and I can attest to the tears (from mom) and the relief that their child was in good hands while they were gone. I am so glad that you have a reliable daycare to have take care of her.

Eli's's harder on us than on them... most everything is.

I wish you were only a couple of hours away, too... but it would take more than a couple of hours... we would need several days to hang out!!

Anonymous said...

Nellie, just so you know - its hard on Oma and Opa too. I really wish that you were closer - Opa, Gram and I decided we could all pitch in and take care of Isabelle. Dad and I have been praying for all 3 of you.

And we're missing our baby doll so much.

We need more pictures- :-) Please put more pictures on - we want to see Isabelle.

We'll see you this weekend. Love, Oma