Friday, June 08, 2007

Daycare Dilemma, Part II

As I’ve mentioned before, Isabelle’s daycare is closing at the end of the month. We, luckily, got her a spot at another church daycare in our town. But, we also interviewed a stay at home mom yesterday. I think we’ll probably stay with the church daycare, even though it’s MORE expensive than our present daycare and TWICE as much as stay at home care.

You know, it’s just really scary out there these days. The thought that we wouldn’t personally know who’s caring for our child, that we don’t have a relationship with them, that we don’t know who is in and out of their home all day really made the decision for us. I know that scary things can happen in daycare’s too. But at least daycare’s have a certain amount of safeguards in place. This one seems really nice and Christ focused in a lot of ways. But it’s still not as ideal as the one in my church, where I knew everyone and trusted everyone!!

God knows. We do trust Him with Isabelle. We do pray over her daily that she is protected and secure, no matter if she is with us or not. We believe that God will keep her, and she will not be a magnet for the crazies in the world, nor a victim of ANYTHING!

But pray with us, as we walk out this Trust for our Little One and day care. We want a smooth transition from this daycare to the next….and then the NEXT when we move to the other side of town. Wouldn’t it be perfect if someone we knew from church decided to do homecare…AND lived near our house?? Or better yet, Conrad got a bigwig high paying exec job and I could stay home with Isabelle most of the day!


Kim and Phil said...

I'm with you on that! I have a peace about our choice, but still can't stand the idea of leaving him behind as I go back to work...that would be cool if we both were stay at home moms!

Anonymous said...

My great neice is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. Wish I was there to take care of her like I did with you when you were a baby :)....I miss that! Love keeping in touch through your blog tho! We'll keep our fingers crossed for Conrad's big exec job so you can stay home! I am excited about your new home too. Wow, that house would cost a fortune out here. It looks wonderful! Love you all! Give Isabelle a big smooch for me! Aunt Becky

drowninginblessing said...

I'm voting for the bigtime exec job too! RM