Monday, June 11, 2007

A Glutton for Pampering

Saturday I went and cashed in my mothers day gift for a whole day of Spa treatments…pure heaven. My friend Heidi and I both got a full hour massage, facial, mani, and pedi. LOVED it! I think this really should be something that every girl does on a regular basis…monthly, if not weekly. Do you think Conrad would go for that?

Conrad spent the day with Isabelle. They had some special bonding time…er..well, actually I think she slept through most of the day with Daddy. But she was bright and chipper for the rest of the day with us. And she is such a little flirt. We went to have Dosa for dinner and she just stared and stared at the guy in the restaurant, until he finally looked at her and she beamed her best little grin. So far, she has found to be true her personal belief that the world revolves around her.

At the advice of our realtor, we then decided to paint our master bathroom…blak…nothing is more tedious than painting a bathroom. And it really makes me look forward to a whole house full of white rooms…and particularly lots of bathrooms (dripping with sarcasm). But, the bathroom looks fabulous, despite all of our obvious flaws around the edges. By the way HOW do you paint behind the toilet?? I have no idea! And what is the proper order of things: caulk then paint or paint then caulk? I think we chose the wrong route.

But, it ended up that a whole evening of inhaling paint really irritated my pesky cold and I was up most of the night coughing and hacking. Good times. Overall a great weekend tho.


Anonymous said...

Mark says he thinks we've tasted "dosa" in Malaysia at an Indian dive. Is it a kind of bread?
In Malaysia they spell it thosai. (there's the linguist's input for ya). Mark also thinks the order is caulk then paint. He's a pro after all the friends we've helped move! RM

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see her in the outfit from Myrtle Beach! I am so glad it fit her. She looks adorable. But doesn't she always?? Can't wait to see you guys again-hopefully soon! I agree with the idea of pampering on a weekly basis. I have a spa certificate from Christmas and haven't had time to use it.

Natalie said...

LOVE the color, D! It looks very similar to my color in my living room, maybe a bit darker though.

I know this won't help you now at this moment, but there's these little tiny skinny paint rollers that you can get that should fit behind the toilet. That's what I used and it worked really well.

Still not sure about the caulk. My instinct says paint then caulk, but who knows!


Kim and Phil said...

I love the color! I am cashing in my spa package (also for mother's day) this weekend! Massage, mani & pedi - woohoo!!! My thoughts would also be paint then caulk, but what do I know? I'll ask Phil.