Friday, June 29, 2007

New Day, New Daycare.

Our week is tracking along. Last night we had a 4th house showing! In five days! We can get on-line and see feedback from the agent and potential buyer. So far, we know for sure two of the four aren’t interested for various reasons. But, like we always say, we only need one!

This kind of messes up our nights tho. For one, we have to run home and get the house ready, and usually be out by 6…that’s fast! And then we have to leave until 7ish. By the time we get back it’s Isabelle’s bedtime. So we usually go to dinner, then come back. I have to say that I am tired of eating out.

On another front: Yesterday was Isabelle’s last day at her daycare. She LOVES Kim, her caregiver, and Kim loves her. The numbers have been slowly diminishing after the daycare announced they were closing. So when we arrived last night there were two kids left, Isabelle and another little guy. Isabelle was sleeping and Kim was hovering by her crib, while rocking the last little baby. Kim was teary eyed and everybody was weepy by the time we packed up to go. Boy, we will miss her loving care of Isabelle.

On the next front: Today was Isabelle’s first day of her NEW daycare. Isabelle was happily oblivious this morning, but I had butterflies in my stomach all morning thinking about the impending change. We pulled up to the church and Isabelle got out and looked around puzzled as to where we were at.

We slowly went in and the place was jam packed, with a few classes of older kids, as I think they have a summer program there. But it is a happy, bright, happening center, with lots of friendly staff. We took her into her room, filled out some paperwork, and stayed a while to chat with her teachers. Her favorite friend from her old daycare, Cheyenne is also in her new class, but wasn’t there this morning.

About 40 minutes in, Isabelle was down playing and smiling at everyone, happy as a clam. She had a moment or two of unsurity, but adjusted pretty quickly. One of her new caregivers, Tracy, was telling us that every other week a lady comes in to do a program with the little ones called “Wee-joicing” and they do worship and praise with Isabelle’s class that involves movement and singing. She says the kids really get into it and LOVE it. I would love to see that!

So, pray for Isabelle today, if you think about it. It was still difficult to leave her. I like her new daycare, but the old daycare was full of friends of mine, people I knew very well. So this is a little scarier for us. I know she’ll be fine. More than that, I know she’ll do great! She’s easy going and makes friends easily, but she’s still my baby.


Michelle said...

I will keep her in my prayers, and I will also keep her mother in my prayers. It sounds like you're taking the change a little harder than she is. Soon enough she'll be able to talk and tell you all about her day. You have always been a good judge of character, and I'm sure you have selected the right daycare. If Isabelle is anything like you she's already becoming a strong little person. And in case all of that fails God still has you both in the palm of His hand.Love & Prayers, Shelly

Anonymous said...

We'll keep Isabelle's adjustment in prayer. We LOVE the videos! It's so different when you see her in real life!
I love the photo of opa and Isabelle. What a little performer she is! RM

Shanygne said...

I am sure she will be fine... new adventures and all that...

I love that picture of her with your dad!! Please tell them we say hello!

Love you!