Monday, July 02, 2007

Abi Da Is back for a Visit

Conrad’s brother, Hubert is back to visit. Actually he hasn’t been to see us since probably last fall. So Isabelle is quite changed since then! I think he reminds Isabelle so much of her Daddy that she took to him immediately. And of course, it’s just another planet to revolve around her star! But she spent the whole weekend tiring her Abi Da out. She’s very active these days!

On Saturday night we went to our neighborhood park and watched the city fireworks display. Isabelle had taken a long nap that day, so we decided to let her stay up to watch them. Now, keep in mind that they start at 10, and her normal bedtime is 7:30…so she was a little droopy a couple of hours before the fireworks started. But we spread out the blanket and bundled her up and she was totally grooving on seeing all of the kids running around before the fireworks. When they started she sat quietly and watched intently. As the display got grander and grander, her eyelids got lower and lower. She was fast asleep by the Grand Finale. But she fought a good fight. Happy first Independence Day, Baby.

On Sunday after church I tried my hand at Greek food. I was most excited about making hummus! We LOVE hummus, especially the stuff you get at Whole Foods. So I got the tahini and the chickpeas and all of that good stuff and loaded my food processor. It was filled to the top and I pushed the button. I could tell that the little machine was struggling. It just wasn’t grinding as well as usual. All of the sudden I felt a current of electricity and everything stopped. I blew my food processor up. So I switched to the blender, which was a mediocre substitution. The hummus was also a mediocre substitution for the yummy stuff you can get at a good Greek restaurant. Oh well. Try try again, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog! I always make hummus with the garbanzo bean flour that you can buy at a health food store... and I always go heavy on the lemon juice. I agree... hummus has been my number one pregnant craving! RM

jaydensjourney said...

Look at those teeth! I can't believe how much she is changing.