Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Three Down

Today we have our third house “showing” in four days. It’s not that bad, in that 1.) they are close together 2.) The house is already clean from the previous showings, so there is not much to do! There is something to be said for a house that is showcase clean 
On the other hand, we have to live in a house that is showcase clean! Not an easy task. So, we go out to eat a lot. Who wants to cook in a house like that? I al ways figured those beautiful houses you see in magazines and lust after must be heck to live in. After all, it’s a lot of pressure to keep your house that pristine. I am beginning to wonder if my new kitchen looks as cool as it does in my head if I will REALLY want to use it. You know, wear, tear, dirt, grease!? Hmmmm…I hope Conrad isn’t reading this. He may rethink the granite countertops…
I do have some thoughts on home showings. You have to leave your home and complete strangers come parading through assessing your home (not to mention your style, taste, cleanliness, and probably your value system, as in, “Why wouldn’t they invest the money to get rid of these wretched linoleum floors??”) Not even your real estate agent is there most of the time. But THEIR real estate agent (who I will be paying a fine fine price to)is there.
Then I wonder HOW interested is someone who comes to see your house? Is this someone who is just browsing or someone who is a serious buyer? Did they see our home and were wildly interested or did the agent see it fit into their budget and geographic location criteria and shove it down their throats? Who knows?! My friends Scott and Kirsten sold their house on the first showing, with less than one week on the market! Now that’s the way we like it!


jaydensjourney said...

Are any of them repeat viewers? I feel for you... having your house on the market is a lot of work. I hope it sells quickly!

jaydensjourney said...

It's been very slow going on the house front. In my area of town showings are way down. I may come down some on the price but am waiting to hear back from my realtor about how much traffic the competition is really seeing. I think I have had the most traffic through and it hasn't been much.

I was planning on doing the wall vinyl art in the new one too!