Monday, July 30, 2007

Accident Prone

Now that Isabelle is so mobile, she wants to explore everything! I try to let her experiment and do as much as possible, without…well, you know, breaking bones, drawing blood…the basics. Since her uncle Hubert left on Saturday and Daddy was taking a nap, I let her roamed around the house…with all the doors closed and appropriate cabinets locked. So, to recap the events that ensued:
• Isabelle pushed her highchair, then fell herself, and cried.
• She put her arm through the wooden slates on our breakfast table and couldn’t get it out…and cried.
• She figured out how to open the drawer on the bottom of the entertainment center, and closed it on her fingers…and cried.
• She discovered the fireplace (luckily it’s summer), figured out how to open the bottom panel, got told no and moved away from fireplace, returned to fireplace, repeat process two more times. Finally got hand smacked…and cried.
• Took her dinner and rubbed it in her hair (her newest and most favorite thing). Got told no. Starred straight at mommy and did it again. Got her little hand slapped again. Cried. Repeat process.
• Followed closely by, taking the same morsel of food, starring right at us again, and dropping the food on the floor. Okay, dinner was over at this point, and we progressed quickly to bath time and bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Just curious; is she getting into all that crawling or is she walking now? I can't wait to see her at her birthday party at Oma's and Opa's. This is also our RSVP. We will be there of course.

jaydensjourney said...

It's a whole new world of discovery once they're mobile. It's amazing how creative and determined they are to do what they want. The fun is just getting started!

Beth said...

Man, are we totally in the same stage or what?!! You just described my day to a tee!

Wendy said...

That is just too funny Danielle! All I can say is that be grateful that Isabelle cries when you smack her hand. When I tell Levi 'NO' it instantly brings a huge smile to his face and good giggle from his belly. Smacking his little hand only intensifies his original reaction!