Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Grandchild #2

I believe congratulations are in order to my sister, Jona, and her husband Eric who just announced to us all that they are expecting their first baby in April 2008! I emailed her yesterday just to make sure it was okay to post this…I have been known to get myself in trouble for posting forbidden things in my blog. But you know my life motto, “Forgiveness is often more easily attained than permission.” In this case tho, I got permission!
So this little guy or girl will be the second grandchild on our side and the first on Eric’s side. I got off the phone and told Isabelle to enjoy the next few months as the lone queen, because her grandchild reign will soon end!
Congrats Jona & Eric! We can’t wait to meet our new little niece or nephew!


Michelle said...

Tell Jona "congrats" for me. I'm so happy for her and Eric. Yes, Isabelle will have to share grandparent time, BUT she will always have the first grandchild statis.

Wendy said...

Congratulations Jona!! This is soooo exciting!