Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Work Out

Isabelle is so mobile these days. She’s in to EVERYTHING. If we turn our heads for a couple of seconds she’s found something in a corner that we didn’t know about. We have become very careful about things in our pockets lately, because when you change your clothes, it falls out. But this morning I turned for just a moment to put my shoes on and turned back around and Isabelle was chewing on something. It’s like she eyed it before, slyly waited until Mommy had turned her head, and went for the shiny item. It was a nickel. Urg. Luckily, it was easy enough to pry from her little hands.
Conrad is constantly worried about her getting hurt. So his response: confine her. He puts her in her high chair or puts her in the living room and makes a makeshift play pin with all the cushions from our furniture. The moment the barrier comes down, she makes a run for it. Straight for anything she can push, pull, throw, or dislodge. Her favorite things to do are pull all of the wipes out of the container, push the trashcan to the middle of the floor or push her highchair into a corner.

Last week, Conrad and his brother Hubert had her for two full days while Conrad took a mini vacation to spend time with Hubert. His comment at the end of those days was: “She’s a lot of work.” I think I would say, hats off to all of you stay at home mom’s….it’s a lot more work than going to an office and sitting at a desk!


Anonymous said...

I love the blue dress! RM

natalie said...

Love these pics! She looks beautiful in blue!