Monday, July 23, 2007


I have beautiful plants outside of our house. They were just prospering in the mild summer weather that we have been having in Ohio this summer…until...this stupid dove decided to nest in my plant. Several times I took the plant down to discourage the bird from nesting there, but low and behold, I let down my guard for a day or two, and it nested anyway! Eesh! Now we have several birds in the nest and she won’t let me near to water the plant! It’s dying a sad death. And what am I supposed to do..kill baby birds? I don’t have a stomach for it.

On a better note, we had our Missions Camp kick off on Sunday and the church responded really well and are very excited about it! That always makes things easier…and…I’m a little light on material this week. It was a quiet weekend and I’m hoping…a quiet week will ensue.


Anonymous said...

I have to smile every time I see a picture of Isabelle. She gets prettier all the time.
I understand about the plants, but I don't need a dove to help kill mine; I can do it all by myself.
See you in a couple of weeks.
Love, Aunt Brenda

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous little girl. I can't believe all the little personality traits that are coming out. She is changing everytime I look at the blog. I just kept saying to myself, I'll see her, and hold her and kiss her at Christmas...and now Molly tells me you guys won't be there! I am devastated, but of course I undersatnd. I guess I have to fly back another time....Love you all...Aunt Becky

Beth said...

She is soooo cute!

We have lots of birds that completely ruin our porch because they constantly build nests there—makes for a very, very dirty porch. I wish I knew the answer. I love birds . . . when they stick to the yard and to bird feeders!: )

Leah said...

She is so very very cute.... Isabelle that is, not the dove.

amy said...

Just stumbled on your blog and I am glad I did. What a precious family!

Anonymous said...

Nellie, I am having Isabelle withdrawal--goin'have to come down and see my baby!! Is she walking yet? Love, Oma