Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Missions Camp Craziness

Tonight starts Missions Camp craziness. This is a missions focused vacation bible school type of ministry that I have done for several summers at my old church. A few weeks ago, I was asked if I could pull one together for the kids during one of our annual church conferences. In weeks. We usually plan for 8 or 9 months for Missions Camp. But, I said yes (what was I thinking??)

Camp has always been amazing and God meets us there. We have worship lead by kids and young adults, and it’s like choreographed dance. We use canned worship, and have movements that go along with it. It’s super high energy and the “teachings” are in drama format. We divide up times when the kids have to sit and be focused with games, crafts, snacks, and fun activities with light sticks and poprocks! It’s really fun and impactful.

The first night is challenging the kids that maybe God has called them to be missionaries. Consequently, the statistics say that most missionaries felt that calling BEFORE they were 8 years old. I hope one day, a few of them will look back at this time as a defining moment in their lives.

I am really excited about the upcoming events…BUT it has not been without it’s challenges. One big challenge was that most of the volunteers were picked through by the time I started organizing the camp. Another challenge was that I keep having key volunteers drop out on me…in the eleventh hour. So currently, I am short on several major characters in the drama…and camp starts tomorrow and I have virtually no leaders available to actually BE with the kids during camp. It will all be fine, just a matter of a little juggling. Such is life in the local church.

So pray for us over the next few days! We are looking forward to God meeting us there!!

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Shanygne said...

I have just gotten caught up on your life and wanted to say what a great mom I think you are!! I love hearing the stories of how you have handled yet another milestone of child-training...

Sounds like you are crazy-busy this week, and I will be praying that many kids are bitten by the missions bug...