Monday, August 06, 2007

Officially Bipedal

Okay, I might as well admit right up front that I looked up the word “Bipedal. ” It refers to one who walks with two legs. I thought I’d title this post appropriately since Isabelle is officially walking! She has been taking a couple of steps here and there for a while, but she took off last week! Of course, she did it while I was at Missions Camp. Write that one in the baby book: Mama missed walking milestone. (I wander if you get tax breaks on savings accounts for future therapy for your kids??)

Anyway, this picture, I managed to snap this morning on our way out the door to work/daycare. I thought I’d like an actual picture of her walking , although I realize it’s not the most in focus picture. More to come, I promise.

Missions Camp: Well, it was great. Seriously, it went really well. All together, we had 80 kids attend. The kids LOVED it and we had great times of worship and everything else. We have tried to strategically use Missions Camp to begin building the children’s ministry and kind of turn the congregations’ attention towards Kids Church and how important it is. That approach seemed to be somewhat successful and only time will tell as we get into the trenches of building a new children’s ministry team.

Unfortunately, I was pretty slammed and didn’t get too many pictures. I am going to try to get copies of pictures others got from Camp for you to see.
Happy Monday!


Tara said...

Watch out now!!! It is so fun to have a mover and a shaker!! Now she will never slow down.

Glad to hear Mission's Week at church went so well! Thank God for Children's ministries and all those that make it possible at every church! I know that I am so thankful for our children's ministry - at all levels.

Natalie said...

Yay Isabelle! I'm so proud of you! You've got two milestones this week... walking and your 1st birthday! You're gowing up so fast, and you get prettier every day!