Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why Do You Serve?

Okay, continuing on in my deep thoughts about ministry, I thought I would tell you some fun stuff: next semester, myself and a friend will be running the children’s ministry at our church. It’s exciting to be shaping young hearts and souls. What a privilege! But my experience over the last couple of weeks has had me contemplating exactly HOW to staff this new venture.

Volunteers are a very unique group, as they are not paid, nor can they (we) be coerced into serving. I once had a leader in church tell me “You WILL do this and you WILL do that.” On the outside, I complied (however unwillingly). On the inside, I thought, “You know, I volunteer. You don’t pay me. You are in no position to be demanding anything.” So I guess my thoughts are, really you have to inspire people to serve. You have to convince them of your vision and then “get them on your bus.” Convince them that this ministry will change people’s life, and that their time and sacrifice will be well invested.

Looking back, all of my years with Teen Mania, the time that I volunteered and the time that I was paid to work for them, my intensity and my commitment didn’t change from one state to the other. And it’s interesting to note that TM always has a boatload of volunteers, in every capacity! I think it is definitely because we are inspired and excited to be involved in such a world changing and effective organization.

So, I know many (if not most) of you live lives of service. All my TM friends and my family who serve in local churches: WHAT makes you want to continually volunteer? WHY do you continue to serve? And do you have any suggestions on how to implement this in a children’s ministry environment? Your input will be much appreciated!!

Oh ya...while I'm in this vein...do you have any kids curriculum suggestions? We are leaning towards Kidstuf, but any thoughts??


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday today to my one year old baby doll. You are such a joy and delight to my life.

Love, Oma

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Isabelle!
Okay Danielle this post has caught my attention a lot. You have made some excellent points, and have great insightful questions. What are the ages of the kids ministry? The volunteers that have offered their time during my "kid years and teen years" made one of the biggest impacts on my life, and only now as an adult do I truely appreciate all the time they gave.

Lacy said...

(found you on Beth's site--I was Dave's assistant for a couple of years)
I highly reccommend Andy Stanley's church curriculum. My husband is a children's pastor and we use it (they write their own).
It is a different format so it's probably not for everyone, but you might like it a lot!

Leah said...

On the volunteer thing... Compassion has a huge volunteer network (they call them advocate's) that is very effective at motivating, recruiting, etc... Their training & philosophy comes from a model called High Impact Volunteer Management by Al Newell. You may check it out for some ideas.