Monday, September 17, 2007

For the Love of Meat

We are recovering from a particularly busy week last week. As I mentioned before, we had two international students staying with us. They were such nice guys, and it was a blessing for us to be able to get to know these two students. But, it was not without its challenges. They were complete vegetarians.

As you probably know, we Americans love our meat. Okay, my husband isn’t fully American, but he loves meat too, so I’ll broadly throw him in this category. So last week threw me into somewhat of a food dilemma. No eggs, no fish, no chicken….no meat. What do you cook vegitarians for 7 full days???

So, the first day we took them to a great Indian Veg restaurant that we love for Dosa (if you have never had Dosa…you HAVE to try it…yummm!) They went for dinner at a friend of a friends house. Day two: Pasta with veggies. Day three: Conrad cooked up some Chapatti’s and Veggie Curry. Day four: (Getting desperate) We ordered Veggie Pizza. Day Five: Completely out of ideas. Conrad to the rescue again with Veggie Curry. Day Six: The friend of a friend came and took them to Chipotle for Veggie Burritos. Day Seven….okay, you get the idea….

And breakfast was another dilemma. Every morning, I get up before everyone else to get a jump on the day, hopefully fit in a little quiet time, and start packing bags. I was in mid-swing of getting everything ready when the boys come down quietly and politely sit in the living room waiting for breakfast to begin. I thought, no need to put off the inevitable (besides what else to feed vegitarians than toast, I have no idea!). So I announce, “Welcome to America. Here, we eat breakfast in a hurry, in the car. So get ready and I’ll pack your travel mugs with coffee and toast you some nice toast.”

Luckily, they weren’t offended as they shoved down their toast and slurped their coffee (for the first time ever) from a travel mug. Cold hard culture shock. Poor fellows.

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