Friday, September 28, 2007

For Love of the Pod

I just love technology. In some alternative universe I am a computer geek. In real life, as soon as my laptop has a physical memory dump, I freak out, throw my hands up in frustration and shove the PC into my husbands lap with a demanding, “Fix it!”

Consequently, you would think that an MA in Computer Science would prepare a guy to fix a simple home computer, but as I have learned that that’s not his “area.” Bummer. But he can project manage with the best of them!

Anyway, I got an ipod a few years ago. But really, I didn’t use it that much. I’m really not much of a music person. Although I spend hours and hours in the car, I usually prefer talk radio or books on tape/CD. I probably bought this ipod over three years ago and I can’t believe that it took me this long to discover the Podcast.

The podcast has changed my life. Last week I spent a couple of hours subscribing to my favorite talk radio shows and churches that podcast (which means, for those of us in the slow group, that every time a new show comes on, my ipod gets the new show to listen to at my convenience! If anyone would care to explain to me how it works if I don’t sync for a day or how long it stays on my ipod, that would be great!) My condensed list is as follows:
• Focus on the Family
• Prairie Home Companion
• Car Talk
• Andy Stanley @ Northpoint
• Louie Giglio @ Passion
• Erwin McMannus @ Mosiac
• Adventures in Odyssey (for Isabelle, of course!)

And thanks to January for inspiring me, through a recent post, to seek out how to load a podcast to my ipod! It had been at the bottom of my purse, where a pen exploded all over it, for far too long. And oh, how I can’t wait for my clinic season to get rolling so I can spend hours in the car catching up!

What’s your favorite radio talk show/podcast?


Shanygne said...

Oh's been a while! I haven't been able to get on to Blogger for a while.

I SO LOVE your blog! Always entertaining. And an Isbelle picture on every post. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

As for podcast...that's a huge thing for Kevin's iPod... he likes Catalyst and then some that you mentioned already. You said Odyssey?? Can you actually get the stories?? We thought you could only get the "behind the scenes" stuff. Let me know if we are wrong... we LOVE Odyssey! And not just the kids.

Shanygne said...

Oh... where did you find that family tree scrapbooking page?
Not that I will be scrapping (sadly) any time soon... I miss it sooo much!
I love your busy-ness post... the fact that you don't overcommit is such a blessing to me... you are so healthy! My problem isn't that I feel pressured (most of the time) to commit, but that I WANT to!

Tara said...

One of my favorites is Greg Laurie - pastor at Harvest Church in California. He used to be on the radio when I lived in Illinois, now he is on my wonderful IPod -

I really enjoy him --
My whole purpose of the Ipod was for air travel and health club excursions! I love technology!

jaydensjourney said...

Have you been out to IPod U? There are several universities that post podcasts...many are very interesting and the topics are all over the place. Psstt...there are also video podcasts too! I download them for myself and some for Jay. Oh the joys of technology!

Angie said...

My favorites are Midday Connection and Paws and Tales for the kids. Adventures in Odyssey is the behind the scenes BUT they throw in free episodes every few months. So stay on that one for the occassional free ones. Family Life today has some good ones too. I love my podcasts!! Great travel and workout fodder for the brain.

How it works...when you run Itunes on your desktop it will download the latest podcasts to your computer. Then all you need to do is sync your ipod and they will transfer. The podcast will stay on the ipod until you uncheck them in iTunes and then they will be removed. At least that is how it works for me.

Beth said...

A pen would have been much better than my bottle of water spilling into my purse . . . my poor ipod will no longer function without an ipod home. (Meaning I can't listen to it in the car).

My kids love Adventures in Odyssey—thanks for the tip. It never occurred to me to download them.

We listen to alot of Rush. (So much better commercial free!)

Angie said...

Check out the Food for Lambs podcast. It is the Bible on podcast. What will they think of next?

drowninginblessing said...

Hi D,
What a great blog! I'm going to listen to one of your recommendations this morning for church. On my couch. :)
I like Chip Ingram. I stumbled onto a great NPR program on their archives when we were doing the podcasting thing in Malaysia (I would download a bunch in the city and then it would be our church and entertainment in the village)... it's called On Words. Yes, a bit linguisticy, but I think you'd like it.
There's an NPR program called Traqvel with Rick Steves that also might be on podcasting. A couple Sat. ago they had a special on travel in India. Maybe it's still available. :)