Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New House Update

On Sundays we always take a stroll over to our new property to see how things are progressing. Beazer has a “New Home” Website that tells you about the progress your house is making, but it only informs you of the last major stage completed.
So we were shocked when we drove onto our new street to see two whole stories up!! The week before they were just building the floor over the basement. Wow, does that go up fast!! We walked around the building and got a feel for what it would feel like to live in the house.

As far as the old house goes…we had our first (and only) 2nd showing (meaning someone came back to see the house a second time) last week. We scrubbed the house (since it was scheduled 2 days before Carol was due to come and clean!!) and left with hope in our hearts of what all a 2nd showing could mean!

The next day we got online only to find out that the electronic lockbox our realtor used didn’t work and the potential buyers couldn’t get into the house!! They have yet to reschedule. *sigh* We are trying hard not to be frustrated. On the other hand, we still have peace whether we get the new house or not. We know that God is completely directing our steps and his plans are better than our own.

On another note, we have gotten calls about people interested in Lease/Purchasing our home. This is an option...we will see!


drowninginblessing said...

Wow! It's a BIG house! Big enough for your five children AND ours! LOL

Anonymous said...

I just have to say to Rachel that Steve told the girls he wanted 10 grandchildren - they could divide it up any way that they want - and Jona said 2 or 3 so that leaves Danielle and Conrad with the rest! :-)

It is a huge house - looks bigger in that picture. I'd love to go see the other house they were building like yours that we looked at before.

Just trust the Lord, Honey - He's always faithful. You just might end up further North than you think!! :-)

Love and kisses, Oma

Tara said...

What is it with our dad's and lots of grandchildren. My dad would love a lot of them too -- unfortunately for him, Ryan is taking his time! :)
By the way, I love the house!

Anonymous said...

Danielle- that would be great. Let me get together some more detailed info from her (Ashwaq) and then I will gtet back with both you and Jan about it. I really hope we can help her. Thank you. ~MT

Beth said...

Oh Danielle, your new house looks amazing. I so hope it works out for you!

We did a lease/purchase one time . . . they can be good. Just be sure you use a good lawyer to draw up the papers to protect yourselves.