Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Beautiful Baby...

We had such a good Labor Day weekend. Isabelle and I took all of Friday off and Conrad took half a day off. We left in the afternoon to drive to my parent’s house. We spent time visiting with family and relaxing as my mom kept Isabelle and let us sleep the night through!

On Saturday we went to the Milan Melon Festival, in my home town of Milan, Ohio. Consequently, the birthplace of one Thomas A. Edison…for your next trivial pursuit game! We entered Isabelle into the Beautiful Baby Contest…and LOST! We were amazed as we fully expected her to win her age group! We are sure that the contest was fixed. My mom took Isabelle up on stage and after all the contestants were up there (she was number 18 out of 18 babies) everyone started to walk off and Isabelle stopped in the middle of the stage and started shaking her head no and refusing to leave the stage!! (She must get that from her dad’s side of the family!)

They ask you to list three things that your baby enjoyed doing. In the little girl baby category, the announcer kept saying, “Casey enjoys blah blah blah, blah blah blah, and playing with boys.” He mentioned this for three or four babies. I then kept thinking, “How tackey! Are these parents seriously listing that their 6 month old little girls like playing with boys??” I then started thinking that that is just the way our society is going….slipperly slope…..

Then he said it again and I turned to Conrad and asked, “Is he saying ‘playing with boys?’” He said, “No, playing with TOYS!” Oh my. Have I told you that hearing loss seems to run in my family?

(pictures to come later, left my camera cord at home!)


Leah said...

I don't even have to see the other kids to know she should have won!!! :)

Jona said...

We agree, we think the contest was rigged. We spent all day Sat. with Isabelle and she is definitely the cutest baby around.

Anonymous said...

Regardless, she should have won - what else would any red-blooded American Gramma say. We had such a wonderful weekend with all of you - Jona and Eric included with Conrad, Danielle and Isabelle - Dad and I wanted to thank you for coming down - well, over and up. It made our weekend to see all "our kids". Love you, Oma