Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Friends

This past weekend we have had two international students staying with us that just flew in from India to work on their PhD’s at Ohio State. As part of an International Friendships Ministry, we volunteer to host students, pick them up at airports when they arrive, take them garage saleing for cheap furniture, invite them over for holidays…fun stuff. And all to share the love of Christ in tangible ways with them.

Usually it takes Isabelle a little while to warm up to people. But, I have to say that if we meet Indian’s anywhere, she’s all smiles. A few weeks ago we were at a baby shower, and we were sitting around a room with about thirty women and there was one Indian woman in the whole place and Isabelle crawled out of my lap and right to her!

I have to add that at the same shower a lady came up to me and said, “Your daughter is beautiful! Now, is she adopted?” I’m sure she wasn’t intentionally implying that my beautiful daughter couldn’t possibly be MY natural child, she was just interested because her daughter was adopted from China. Anyway, I’m on a rabbit trail…

Well, with our new friends from India, Isabelle started displaying the most outrageous (and entertaining) characteristics. She is a big flirt. These poor guys, who had been traveling for about 48 hours barely got to sit down when Isabelle started walking up to them, standing about 18 inches away, putting her ands on her hips, and making “oohhhing” noises and smiling, until they looked at her and cooed and smiled. And continued to do this and similar things the entire time they were here!

She then promptly grabbed her “Jesus Loves Me” book and took it to our Hindu friend, then crawled up in his lap to be read to. Funny girl!


Anonymous said...

Isabelle's already becoming a little missionary! Great! We've been praying for that! RM

Shanygne said...

She is soo cool!

Glad you got to get away with your love and have a great time... it sounds amazing!