Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chickens & Candy

I realize that no respectable Christian would acknowledge Halloween, but some of my best memories as a child were trudging through crisp leaves to the neighbors house to trick or treat, dressing up in some creative homemade costume that my mom came up with (my favorite was a ballerina, while my sister was a housewife complete with pink housecoat, curlers, and a mud mask), and carving pumpkins. When I asked my parents why they let us celebrate Halloween when we were little, they answered that they didn’t know any better.

Even in India, they have some kind of similar Hindu celebration. When Isabelle and I were carving up our pumpkin last weekend, Conrad just sighed and said, “I can’t believe a child of mine is celebrating the devil’s birthday.” What? The devil’s birthday? I really have to research what that celebration in India is.

On Halloween night I was WAY excited to dress Isabelle up in a costume and take her out. Surely more excited than she was, because let’s face it, she just didn’t know what was going on. But when the kids started coming to the door in their costumes, she perked right up and got involved. She was a little upset about us giving, what she perceived as her candy, away. But she got over it, as soon as she got a little stash of her own.

Our neighborhood is unique in that all of the houses are close to the road with big front porches, well lit streets, and no cars parked on the street. It’s a lovely little place for children. It’s a quiet little street, until Halloween. About ten minutes till six you can see all of the neighbors sticking their heads out of their doors looking for the kids. By 6:30 you have a steady flow of kids and, if the weather is decent, everybody is sitting on their front porches handing out candy. Some people fully decorate their front porches, complete with spider webs and a fog machine. It is the one time a year that everyone get’s neighborly. It’s odd, I know…but fun!

I had a great time taking Isabelle door to door, we just did about half a street, went to visit a co-worker who lives a few houses down, and came back. Mommy was tuckered out from all of that trick or treating!


Tara said...

She is the cutest little chick ever! Halloween at our house sounds similar to yours -- peeking out the door at 6pm, however, we had over 200 trick or treaters. I do let the kids participate in it, but keep the ghosts and witches at bay! Plus we always try to make it to harvest fest at church!

Leah said...

How fun. We didn't celebrate Halloween growing up. I decided this year though, that if going to church doesn't make one a Christian then dressing up doesn't make one evil. Abigail was a penguin and we went to the church festival.

Emily Jade said...

She looked great, although I'm a little lost on the anti-Halloween thing...
Our neighborhood is much the same way - Halloween is the only way you ever see or meet your neighbors! All year, everyone is just kind of "closed off" and busy. You'd be suprised to know how many of us are known as "so-and-so's mom"!!