Friday, November 09, 2007

Isabelle's Progress Report

Isabelle has several new “things” that she has learned. From watching her in the nursery at church with several other babies her age. I have concluded a few things. Physically she is not quite as mature as babies her age. Verbally, she’s way ahead. One little girl named Hannah, who easily has 10 pounds on Isabelle, will barrel over and take whatever she wants from Isabelle, sure on her feet, and with fine precision in her little fingers. Isabelle lacks some of the precision of these little tykes.

But the other babies Isabelle’s age seem to be saying, “Ba, ba, ma, blah, goo.” Isabelle says:
• Hi
• Bye
• Mama
• Dada
• Opa (Grandpa for my dad)
• Oma (Grandma for my mom)
• Papaw
• Ta Ta (Grandfather in Tamil)
• Amamamama (Amama is grandma in tamil)
• Woof Woof
• Meow
• One, two, three
• Uhhh ohhh
• Bible
• Jesus

Keep in mind, I’m not bragging (is that possible?) But I’m just reporting so that her grandparents and aunts and uncles can keep up!

She loves to sing and dance and does her own little motions to Jesus Loves Me, including hugging herself for “loves me” and clasping her hands together for “the bible tells me so.” They sing this every morning at daycare before they pray and take their bibles out to talk about Jesus.

Have I told you lately how much we love this kid?


Tara said...

It sounds like Isabelle and Carlie have similar personalities and the love to talk! Carlie was very much ahead of other kids her age in the talking and mobility -- Luke on the other hand is a bit slow to the chase. For a one year old, he does not say too much, but he will do certain actions if asked. He is not a walker and I think is far from it.

Brag all you want -- it is our right as moms!!! She is worth all the bragging!

Dena said...

Very cute and I do think you have a genius on your hands!

drowninginblessing said...

Wow! What a prodigee! I can't wait to chronicle her progress on my own this weekend!

Emily Jade said...

uhhh...didn't anyone tell you at the hospital that bragging about your children is required? Maybe you were still basking in the glow!!
She sounds great - and one BIG mistake parents make is comparing their children to others - drives me nutso!
I know that you can never get sick of hearing this, but Danielle; she is a beautiful little girl! I look forward to all the pictures that you post :O)