Friday, November 30, 2007

Cookbook Classics

My Grandma Margie is an amazing cook. Over Thanksgiving I got the privilege of making her FAMOUS thanksgiving rolls. Well…actually, I just followed her step by step verbal instructions as she told me what to do. She even had to step in a few times to save the mess I’d made. BUT…MY VERY hands created the family favorite.

As I begin the baking process, she pulled out the faithful old cookbook she got the recipe from. It was a well worn copy of Holiday Favorites of the Assemblies of God Women, 1969. As I perused the cookbook, it was stocked full of wonderful recipes and “Menu’s “ for events such as “Youth Night” at church to “Election Night Dinners” Classic!

Decided that I had to have a copy of this old cookbook, I looked in the back of the book, and it had an order form and a request for $3, which included shipping and handling. Thinking that the AOG probably didn’t have a stockpile of these books in a backroom somewhere, I went to good ole’ google.

And I am happy to announce that I found a copy on ebay for $3.50 plus S&H! Whoo hoo! Maybe one day I’ll be a Grandma making legendary dishes for my offspring from this very book!...actually if I make too many of these dishes, I may not make it to grandma status!


Beth said...

I love it when things like that happen! What a nice Christmas gift for yourself. : )

Michelle said...

I've often wondered about those order forms in the back of the cookbooks. The church over many many years have put together fabulous cookbooks. Great idea Danielle on Goggling it.

Shanygne said...

I LOVE your BLOG!!! I always want to comment on everything, cuz you are so witty and smart!!

Loved your post about Rachel... very sweet.
Sounds like Isabelle is testing may not be teething that is making her it still happening?

I can't believe you found that cookbook on ebay... that rocks. I have a couple of those random cookbooks that I really like, too. And one that the Gullicksons put together a long time ago that Kevin's grnadma gave me when we got married... complete with lefsa and Norwegian cookies, Krumkakke, and lutefisk!!

Love you!!

Emily Jade said...

A lot of churches are still doing this - I have one from two years ago from my Grams church...LOVE it!! Enjoy your cookbooking :O)