Monday, December 03, 2007

Mall Rats

We had a rather exciting weekend this weekend. Okay, rather exciting FOR US. A few months back I had posted, asking my faithful readers to please comment on my posts, and some “Anonymous “ commented, “We would if anything significant every happened in your life.” Now that was uncalled for. I never claimed to be anything but a Mommy Blogger.

As I was saying, exciting FOR US. Saturday we took Isabelle for her first overpriced haircut. That was exciting, as the salon had a slide and looked way more like Chuckie Cheese than a hair salon. Isabelle sat in the little fire engine and watched her first Barnie movie. And the salon lady snipped one or two little curls off, advised me on whether or not we should go with bangs for Isabelle (she said no, because she already has a small forehead) and tried to sell me “product.”

We then ventured to the mall. I love taking Isabelle to the mall…on two conditions. One: Conrad is with me. We definitely need to two on one her. Two: I have no tasks to accomplish. Because I am sure to be disappointed with my lack of accomplishment, if I go with a list. Those conditions being met, we had a good time at the mall.

We went into Macy’s and wondered around looking at the sales. Isabelle was mildly amused with all of the people, but as we reached the big doors going into the mall, she began to run. All of the sudden, she stopped at the entrance and just starred out, mouth open. She was in awe of the lights, decorations, and bustle. We tried to steer her back to a sales rack, but she would have none of it. And really, having no solid agenda, we were more interested in her reactions than the $9.99 shirts, so out we went.

We even went to the play area so Isabelle could play with all of the little Indian kids. By the way, have you ever noticed that there are always lots of Indians at the mall, all of the time? On a side note, Conrad and I have talked about it and decided that it’s because Indians are accustomed to lots of people around all of the time and comfortable at malls. It’s warm, safe, and lot’s of people. After a while, Malls drive me nuts! The crowds, the noise….ick. But my husband and daughter…true Indians! They love the mall!


Anonymous take 2 said...

As the "Anonymous" poster from a few months back I apologize. It was meant as a joke and taken the wrong way.

Tara said...

We headed to the mall this weekend too! Both my kids are people watchers, plus Carlie is always up for shopping!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you Danielle, I relive my mommy years with Philip through you and your blog. I feel like I know your precious Isabelle. She is a joy for me and I am sure many. I throughly enjoy each and every one of you entries. Please keep blogging, I still read it everyday, even before my own e-mail. I hope to see you at Christmas. All my love, Terri

Danielle said...

anaonymous take 2...who are you?? I must know! Don't worry about feelings aren't see sensitive...but it fit nicely it the