Monday, December 17, 2007

Back from the Abyss

I know I have been very absent from blog world for the past week or so. I have a good excuse..the flu…or some other undetermined winter sickness, from which I will graciously spare you the details. Sufficed to say, I am feeling somewhat better after a few days of antibiotics. I have been sick and usless for the last week. Today I am at work, feeling about 50% better.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to write about except the enormous amounts of stupid television I watched over the past few days. It seems like my daughter and husband have escaped the sick train, but Isabelle has something else going on with a heavy cough. She continues to run in circles at about 12 miles an hour, so I guess she’s not feeling too badly!

On a happier note, we went to the mall this weekend. I was still not feeling well, but sooo tired of being sick and laying down. The mall was fine. Since the weather was not great, it wasn’t as packed as it would have been. My sole goal at the mall was to find a Christmas outfit for Isabelle. I was a little surprised that all of the kid’s Christmas clothes were cleared out already. Luckily I found a little something I liked at Gymboree. And Isabelle looks cute in anything! So…she’ll he wearing this little dress to all of our family Christmas parties. So, if you, family, are reading this…don’t feed the kid anything messy. This one outfit has to last! Not that I can’t wash it…but we do have one party right after another after another!

Here’s a picture of Isabelle last Christmas in the outfit that her Opa bought her for Christmas. Hmmm…trying to stay away from the red polyester santa suit this year, tho.


Beth said...

Glad you're feeling better. Love the little Santa suit and looking forward to pictures in the new diggs. : )

Anonymous said...

What is it with that running in circles thing? Derrick (Ashlea's youngest and nearly the same age as Isabelle) has been doing the very same thing--and cracks himself up doing it! (as well as the rest of us)
Another funny thing, today, Mia asked if we could go to Isabelle's house and go down the water slide! I have no idea what made her think of that--but she did none the less!
Hey--my first official comment!
The Terry Webb

drowninginblessing said...

Can't wait to see this year's outfit. The snowflakes are falling in Spokane. We need to get our own Kodak moments with Abe. Merry Christmas everyone! Rachel

Anonymous said...

Danielle, I can't believe our baby doll was that little just last Christmas. She has grown so much. I will tell you that your dad was devastated when I told him that you said we had to take back the Santa outfit that he already bought her. See you Saturday. Love,Oma

Emily Jade said...

You're so funny! Elly has a dress from Gymboree too...and I've made her wear it for the last three Christmases because it was so stinkin' expensive. Luckily, it still fit (it's kind of stretchy velvet)!!

Glad to hear that you're feeling better :O) Being sick is such a bummer!!