Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Excitement

Christmas was a whirlwind this year…but great! It started off Saturday with Christmas at my Dad’s side of the family. This is our first Christmas without Papaw, but in spite of that, it was good. As everyone was asking me what to get Isabelle this year I said books books books and boy did she get books! She would open up one and she wanted to sit and read it and didn’t want anything else to do with another gift!

On Sunday we went to church with my parents, then out for brunch. Then we took a LONG nap and went over to my aunts for cookie baking. My Aunt Becky and Uncle Mike from California just came in so we wanted to spend some time with them (in actuality, I didn’t bake one cookie!) Then we sent Isabelle home with my mom and dad and Conrad and I went to a movie! I can’t remember the last time we did that!

On Monday we lounged around all day long doing nothing in particular before we went back to Brenda’s for the Christmas Eve party with my Mom’s side of the family. My Uncle Thornton has 10 or so grandkids so the house was packed with kids running in circles just biding their time until present time. Isabelle joined the gang and I’m sure she ran a full two miles that night! Some of the older boys were looking glum as presents were passed out and they didn’t seem to be making out like everyone else. I think the let down was part of the plan. Pretty soon Grandpa Thornton took them out to the garage where there where big shiny bikes waiting for them! They were pretty excited!

Isabelle’s presents were stacked up over her head! Again, the first present was a book from Aunt Sheila and I couldn’t get her to open up anything else! Eventually she did and we had fun with all of the books, toys, and clothes…boy did this girl get clothes! Thank goodness because she seems to grow out of stuff so fast

Christmas day we opened presents around noon when my sister and her husband arrived. Again, Isabelle made out like a bandit! Then everyone came over at 2ish for Christmas dinner. It was good and we are officially sick of eating today!! It was nice to see Terry…who is a regular blog visitor and who we don’t get to see regularly!

We got to talk to most of Conrad’s family and we can’t wait to see them in January! I wanted to get some pictures posted so everyone in India could see Isabelle! Merry Christmas friends and family


Michelle said...

Danielle, Isabelle looks beautiful!! She is so cute. Has she picked out a book that is her favorite yet?

drowninginblessing said...

I love the teddy bear back pack. Too cute!

Emily Jade said...

I see those backpacks ALL THE TIME on the train and in Chicago. I had the same felings as you did as far as "kid on a leash". I have ammended that when the backpacks came on the scene!!

Emily Jade said...

oooo...and I LOVE ambush Christmas presents!! Such fun!!