Thursday, December 27, 2007

Someone Famous Read My Blog?!

I was so excited to get an email back today from Lisa McKay, the author of the book I mentioned a week or so ago, My Hands Came Away Red. And I thought I'd post her note (I hope you are okay with this Lisa, if you are continuing to read!) But I was just super excited.

Dear Danielle,

Thank you so much for writing to me. Sorry for the delay in reply - I've been away and am just now catching up on email before leaving again on Saturday, then to Australia in Jan for almost a month (hooray!!!). It's so much fun to get glimpses into the fact that people are reading Hands and liking it. I had never written to an author just to say that I liked their book before I published this one (I will now though) and so hadn't really thought that I'd hear from people. It's been an unexpected joy, and helps inspire me to keep working away on book number two (which I've just started).

My hands came away red has just gone to reprint too, which makes my editor very happy (since he took a bit of a risk with this book I think, since it's not exactly typical faith fiction). And since I'd made the decision before I even got a publishing contract to give all my author royalties from the sale of this book away, the charities I'm donating too are pretty happy too. And me, I'm thrilled people love the story that is so close to my heart and my life.

So thanks again for writing. I’m SO glad you enjoyed the book, and hope you’re having a good week. Do keep writing. It took years and years for Hands to crystallize for me, but the journey was part of the fun.


PS. Thanks also for mentioning Hands on your blog! That's fabulous!

I actaully heard Lisa on a Moody Radio Talk Show, which was what sparked my interest in the book, and I know she Australian, but in my head she sounds just like my South African Friend, Heather :)

And, of course, I had to add a picture of Isabelle with her new toy, which she LOVES, from Aunt Jona and Uncle Eric. By the way, that "backpack" is actually one of those toddler harnesses. The bear's "tail" is a leash. Put it on the list of things I said I'd never do, put my kid on a leash.


Kelly Morris said...

Hi....after I read your first blog about the book I asked for it for Christmas. I got it and can't wait to read it becuase just have a feeling it will impact my life. I am missionary and about to go back to Africa full time! I am an old friend of Conrad's..I read your blog's about once a week and it blesses me to see how the Lord has blessed him with you and the baby. Take care and GBU-Kelly Morris/Tulsa, Ok

Emily Jade said...

How exciting!! You famous blogger, you!!

January Newbanks said...

Hey Danielle, I've played around a bit with some different recipes for soap, scrub, and bath tea because my skin is extremely sensitive and I prefer all natural products, but my favorite site for getting ideas and learning how to make my own products is They have awesome recipes for belly balms for friends "in the family way" as well :). Both the Oatmeal Soap and Cleopatra's Milk Bath recipes come from that site. As for coffee, Andy orders beans in five pound bags from and roasts them in a air popcorn popper he got at the thrift store for $4. I'll have to have him post the details for roasting sometime because I don't know all it entails. I taught myself how to sew with a book by Lotta Jansdotter called 'Simple Sewing.' The level one projects are SUPER easy and the instructions are well written. You can pick up the book at B&N. You should give it a shot!

lisa said...

Danielle, you made me laugh! If I blogged regularly my blog entry today might be "Someone called me famous on their blog!" Hope all is going well for you. Happy New Years, lisa