Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Indian Church

Sunday we went to church with our family here in India. We enjoyed this so much. We arrived 5 minutes before the service and unfortunately too late to sit in the main sanctuary, but were seated (separately) in one of two overflow’s with about 700 others.

If you’ve ever traveled to other countries, church there sometimes tends to be like visiting a church in the US about 15 years ago. They are singing songs we sang in the 80’s or early 90’s and you even will hear the pastor telling antidotal stories that your American Pastor used 15 years ago. All a little surreal. My favorite is (and all of my ORU friends will appreciate this one) “Hold up your Bible and say, I am what this Bible say’s that I am, and I can do what this Bible says I can do.” Sorry, I’m off on one of my tangents again.

But this church wasn’t quite like that. It was good Word, good worship (Chris Tomlin songs!)…and they even had children’s church! Although Isabelle was a bit young to enjoy this aspect, it was really good to know our Indian niece and nephews were benefiting from this.

After church we shuffled off to get coffee and snacks and fellowship. As we were standing in line, a lady and her daughter came up to Isabelle and I and started talking to us. She looked familiar but I couldn’t place her, then I realized that we had chatted with them in the airport in Dubai and flew to Hyderabad with them! Such a small world!

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Michelle said...

Danielle I love this picture they all have on a shade of blue. (I love matching colors). I've never been to another country...is that the way all churches are (15 years back in time)?