Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our First Family Party

Sunday evening we went to our first family party of the trip. Again, if you haven’t’ read of my recounting of family parties from our last trip to India, I’ll sum up. Family parties here mean big tents, 300 guests. So when said relative invited us Sunday morning at church for that evening, I eventually got around to asking what we were celebrating. The answer I got was, well, it’s kind of like a birthday party. Kinda like? What does that mean? Then I asked how are we related to said relative. The answer I got, “I don’t know.”

Later I asked my sister in law, Anthony Mary, what this celebration was for and she said the young girl officially began womanhood, so we have a party. Wonderful….a party to celebrate THAT. When we arrived, the mother (relationship to Conrad still unknown) kissed me and ushered me off to take pictures with said young girl. When I met her I said, “Congratulations!” Is that what one says on such occasions? I have no earthly idea.

Anyway we stood and took pictures with her for about twenty minutes. Everyone wanted pictures with the family Gori (foreigner) I guess. Isabelle had a wonderful time being a sheer terror and running from relative to relative and dancing. This kid loves to dance. Put on a Bollywood tune and watch her spin.

Sunday also marked Isabelle’s first Auto Rickshaw ride. Five of us in a little auto. Isabelle, not only free from her car seat, but free from things like seatbelts and doors…and in Indian traffic. This is certainly a conscientious parents worst nightmare. Lucky for us, we are not conscientious, but this mode of transport with a wiggling kid is still a challenge. I’m beginning to understand why Indian mothers take their children virtually no where.

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Anonymous said...

Danielle, thanx for the video. I showed it to everyone here at school today. She looks like she is having fun being the bell of the ball. I'm surprised she didn't eat the rice - I know she loves rice. Tell Anthony that she is just as beautiful as I remembered her. I do remember the parties - they were fun. Missing you all. Mom/Oma

Anonymous said...

Danielle, please tell Conrad Happy Birthday from Dad and I. Are they planning a big birthday party for him while he is there? We'll celebrate with you three when you get back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON, FROM MOM AND DAD. We love you.
Mom/Oma and Dad/Opa

drowninginblessing said...

I love the white skin photo op story. HILLARIOUS! Mark and I were laughing, having been there and done that so many times. Thank you for the laughter! :) RM and we concur... happy b day, Conrad!