Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Proud First

I am happy to report that we experienced another proud first in the life of Isabelle. Sunday morning we got up early (as is our custom since adjusting from jetlag) and started getting ready for church. I threw Isabelle in the bathtub and went about getting ready for the day. Suddenly I heard Conrad yell for me. “Come quick!” I knew what it was, instinctively.

It was morning and our little girl has bowels on a strict time table. Morning, after a fresh diaper change and during her usual breakfast time is her first bm of the day. Sure enough, I had left her in the tub to play just a little too long and she felt the urge, while bathing…
Conrad said he found her playing with it and it took him a few minutes to figure out exactly what it was. Luckily, I had gathered advice from friends before hand on how to clean a tub of this particular refuse. So a quick shower for the little one and a few minutes of grunt work and we were back to square one. I figured this had to happen sooner and later, right?

Also, today is Isabelle’s first day in the toddler class at daycare! She has been transitioning for the past week into this class. She has always loved this classroom, and going into it has always been a “treat” for her, so she transitioned pretty well. Also this means no more naps in the crib…she’s on a cot now. What a big girl she is!

Not to mention we are VERY excited as this means her weekly tuition goes down $50 a week. Whoo hoo!


Emily Jade said... what was the proud part? The BM in the tub or the toddler room? lol

Sounds like she has all of the early earmarks of easy potty training! Lucky you!

Michelle said...

Danielle that is the cutest picture of Isabelle in the fun house mirror. I think every child must leave their story and notch in the bathtub. Her moving on to the toddler room had to be a very awesome thing for her. When I worked at the preschool/daycare we always made a huge thing out of a child going into the toddler room.

Leah said...

how funny about the bm in the tub.. Abigail did this to me when she was brand new... it was so not cool.